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QuoVadis Completes Construction of SecureCentre Hosting Facility
6 Dec 2000

QuoVadis Limited today announced the completion of SecureCentre, its highly secure technology hosting facility located in Bermuda. The complex is believed to provide the most secure corporate IT environment in the offshore world.

SecureCentre was designed and constructed by CS Lampertz Limited, and ensures protection against intrusion, EMP, fire and corrosive gases, extinguisher water, smoke, and other threats. The system also includes biometrics and video surveillance, as well as redundant telecom access and support systems.

“As an e-security provider, QuoVadis is extremely diligent in protecting our own networks and systems against both physical or logical attack” according to Walter Cooke, chief security officer for QuoVadis. “While Bermuda has many excellent computing facilities, SecureCentre is the first to provide robust security for the operations of a certificate authority like QuoVadis.”

Stephen Davidson, VP of marketing and business development for QuoVadis, continued “Completion of SecureCentre is an important step towards the international launch in early 2001 of QuoVadis' digital certificate solutions. With its operations located totally offshore, QuoVadis has received enthusiastic acceptance from international companies that operate from Bermuda and other offshore jurisdictions.”