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Bermuda Government Digitally Signs Proclamation
23 Mar 2001

Following is the text of a proclamation digitally signed by The Hon. Ms. Renee Webb, JP, MP at the launch of QuoVadis:

Dear Mr. Nagel:

The Government of Bermuda is pleased to congratulate the employees and business partners of QuoVadis Limited on the successful launch of the first commercial certificate authority based in Bermuda.

With the passage of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (ETA), Bermuda was one of the first jurisdictions worldwide to enact legislation dealing with the formation of electronic contracts and the validity of digital signatures.

The launch of QuoVadis invigorates Bermuda’s e-commerce vision by making offshore public key infrastructure (PKI) available on a commercial basis for the first time. PKI, which is the technology behind digital certificates and electronic signatures, enables online businesses to ensure privacy, authentication of users, data integrity, and non-repudiation.

With the addition of QuoVadis’ locally based PKI, Bermuda offers a compelling suite of services to both our existing clients and new entrants that are seeking the optimal jurisdiction for their business.

QuoVadis will operate under Bermuda’s Standard for Electronic Transactions, assuring clients that the company maintains good business practices and protects Bermuda’s reputation for diligence. We are also pleased to announce that QuoVadis will apply to become the first authorized Certification Service Provider under the ETA when its security accreditations are complete.

With our tradition of public-private partnership, the principals of QuoVadis have played important roles in developing the island’s e-commerce policies and direction. Again, the Government of Bermuda extends congratulations to QuoVadis and its partners, including Baltimore Technologies, e-VentureCentre, Ernst & Young, Paragon, and Sbi.

The Hon. Ms. Renee Webb, JP, MP
Minister of Telecommunications and e-Commerce