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Sbi Wins Microsoft Fusion Award for QuoVadis Platform
29 Aug 2001

Two Bermuda-based technology companies, Sbi and QuoVadis, have been singled out for recognition by Microsoft® in its prestigious annual Certified Partner Fusion Awards.

Lionel Sacon of Microsoft presented the Microsoft Fusion Award (Caribbean) to Sbi Limited for its work on the QuoVadis certificate authority. Sbi is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for Enterprise Systems, the highest certification for Microsoft partners who deal with large-scale enterprise deployments, as well as complex server design and planning projects. Sbi was selected from among 800 nominated Microsoft Certified Partners from around the world for this prestigious Infrastructure Solution award.

According to Tony Nagel, CEO of QuoVadis, “We are pleased that Sbi has received international recognition for their advanced work in building QuoVadis’ critical infrastructure. QuoVadis broke ground in many respects: we are the first commercial certificate authority to be located offshore, and the first to run on Windows® 2000 Advanced Server. Sbi’s expertise in complex clustered environments and fault tolerant networking met the exacting standards of both QuoVadis and our customers around the world.”

Jamie Thain, CEO of Sbi, continued “The QuoVadis implementation takes advantage of the many advanced features of Windows 2000, such as clustering, Active Directory, high system availability, and IPSec. Our highly skilled team of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) worked closely with the QuoVadis team to build an extremely stable public key infrastructure. In addition, the entire build was audited to meet the high security needs of a certificate authority.”

“Digital certificates provide the key element of trust for business over the Internet,” said Mr. Thain. “A digital certificate is like an electronic passport or driver’s license, issued by QuoVadis, that verifies who you are. E-commerce has heightened the importance of privacy and personal identity over the Internet making certificates a key foundation technology. With this in mind Sbi will continue to partner with QuoVadis to develop e-security solutions for our international clients.”

In addition to its work building the QuoVadis Windows 2000 platform, Sbi has experience implementing QuoVadis digital certificates in clients’ Windows 2000 environments and applications, enabling users to send encrypted mail, sign online documents, and have strong access control to information over the Internet.