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RenRe Adopts Digital Certificate Security
12 Dec 2001

QuoVadis Limited announced today that Renaissance Reinsurance Limited (RenRe), a global provider of reinsurance and insurance, has adopted digital certificates to increase the Company’s capabilities to conduct electronic business.

Digital certificates are a non-forgeable form of electronic ID that can be used to ensure online privacy and to provide secure access to Web sites and networks. They also create legally binding digital signatures that allow high value business to be transacted over the Internet.

Tony Nagel, CEO of QuoVadis, said “With their strengths in modeling and sophisticated systems, we find it natural that RenRe should lead the way in adoption of this key technology. Our clients recognize the use of digital certificates as an emerging best practice for Bermuda’s insurance and international business sector.”

According to Bill Riker, President and Chief Operating Officer of RenRe, “Like most companies, RenRe is reliant on e-mail and other electronic tools to communicate effectively with our clients and employees around the world. Digital certificates are an effective tool for us to seek efficiency without sacrificing security, identity, and privacy.”

QuoVadis worked with solutions partner Paragon Bermuda on the project. Paragon Managing Director Glenn Henderson said, “By combining Paragon’s skills in business analysis and application development with QuoVadis’ expertise as a digital certificate authority, we can provide solutions for international companies to work securely online, with accountable transactions that are legally-binding in Bermuda.”