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QuoVadis Applies to Become Bermuda's First CSP
14 Feb 2002

QuoVadis Limited is the first company to apply for recognition by the Government of Bermuda as an authorised Certification Service Provider (CSP).

The new regulations complement Bermuda’s existing Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) 1999, which deals with the formation of electronic contracts and the validity of digital signatures. The voluntary CSP scheme allows certificate authorities to apply for Government recognition under the ETA.

While the ETA recognizes that electronic signatures are legally binding, users may have to prove that the signature is valid unless it was created using an "accredited digital certificate." Signatures from accredited certificates are automatically accepted as valid and binding.

Minister of Telecommunications and e-Commerce The Hon. Ms. Renee Webb said, “This is a significant step for Bermuda in realizing its vision to be the foremost location for sophisticated and secure e-business. Privacy and accountability are key to successful Internet communications between citizens, business, and the Government”.

“Recognition will only be granted to certificate authorities and accredited certificates that have reached a standard acceptable to the Government thereby protecting the interest of users of certification services, enhancing their confidence in electronic transactions, and encouraging the growth of business by electronic means” she continued.