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Bermuda Weathers The Storm
8 Sep 2003

With Hurricane Fabian now a lingering nightmare, Bermuda has progressed to the clean-up, restoration, and recovery phases. Whilst numerous private homes remain without power, the Airport and Government offices, as well as the service industry and the majority of Bermuda’s financial services community are open for business.

QuoVadis continued to provide customers with service throughout the period of the storm. The SecureCentre hosting facility maintained power and communications through the 140 mph buffeting and associated storm surge on Friday.

QuoVadis CEO Roman Brunner commented, “Our condolences go out to all those who have suffered during this tragedy. The reaction of the Bermuda community to this disaster has been superb. The island’s infrastructure, while stressed, has coped admirably. The fact that QuoVadis and the majority of Bermuda’s electronic business service providers continued operations throughout the storm is testament to the investment made in infrastructure, the dedication of our staff, and the design and build of our systems, policies, and procedures. The combination of these factors and our location in the heart of Hamilton has yielded dividends for our clients.”

CFO Tony Nagel added, “Although the publicity regarding Fabian’s impact on Bermuda will no doubt give rise to questions regarding the suitability of the island as the premier location for international business, our performance in the face of disaster should confirm that Bermuda is truly Open for Business.”