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QuoVadis Launches DataVault Remote Backup and Restore Services
6 Jan 2004

The QuoVadis Group, Bermuda’s IT security specialist, today announced the launch of its DataVault data backup and restore service.  Answering the growing demand for business continuity services, the new QuoVadis offering provides automated daily offsite backups, secure storage with rapid retrieval, guaranteed service levels, and 24x7 helpdesk support.

According to Roman Brunner, CEO of the QuoVadis Group, “Business continuity now sits firmly on the executive agenda.  However, building and managing a data backup and recovery system can be a daunting task, particularly while companies are under pressure to streamline infrastructure costs and support staff workloads.”

A managed service, DataVault combines the sophisticated technology and process expertise to help companies fulfil their backup responsibilities.  Using DataVault, important files and databases are backed up daily in QuoVadis’ resilient SecureCentre facility, with tapes rotated through offsite archives according to customer policies.  DataVault’s secure web portal gives customers instant visibility into the status of their backup routines, while a 24 hour support desk allows rapid retrieval of data. 

QuoVadis was founded in 1999 to provide security for online identity and documents.  In recent years the company has been encouraged by customers to launch additional IT security services, such as IT monitoring and high availability hosting.  The company has received extensive accreditations of its security operations under both US and international standards.  “We help companies manage their digital risks both in Bermuda and throughout their international operations,” continued Mr. Brunner.

QuoVadis is partnering with the industry’s leading data storage service company, ManagedStorage International (MSI) to implement and manage the service, leveraging MSI’s global expertise in operating remote backup solutions. 

“We are pleased to partner with QuoVadis to tailor data protection services for Bermuda’s sophisticated needs. Whether backing up global offices to the island or protecting data on the island, this service provides effective ‘data insurance’ to companies against loss from technical errors, security breaches, or natural disasters,” said Tom Sweeney, president and CEO of MSI.

With the destruction of hurricane Fabian still fresh in mind, the DataVault service has attracted significant interest amongst local risk management and IT executives who have grappled with assembling appropriate backup infrastructures and data storage facilities.  In fact, the DataVault service launches with several terabytes of data already in its backup routine from various companies. 

“Corporate executives must have confidence that their data backup solution will work, even under dire circumstances,” said Stephen Davidson, head of product development at QuoVadis.  “Our DataVault solution provides the infrastructure, expert services, and monitoring to assure executives that their data will be available when and where they need it.”