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Cayman Companies Seek Refuge in Bermuda
20 Sep 2004

A wide variety of companies from the Cayman Islands international business sector have chosen Bermuda as a temporary base to recover their critical operations in the wake of Hurricane Ivan. 

In the days following Ivan’s destruction, the Bermuda community sprang into action to provide support for colleagues in Cayman.  Many service providers have offices on both islands, while Bermuda companies such as the Bank of Butterfield and Appleby Spurling & Hunter have significant operations on Grand Cayman. 

Managed security provider QuoVadis is assisting several companies in their disaster recovery efforts, relocating people and technology to Bermuda to maintain critical business operations while vital repairs are made to offices, housing, and infrastructure in Cayman. 

According to Roman Brunner, CEO of the QuoVadis Group, “Sometimes even the best laid plans cannot cope when disaster strikes.  When the unplanned happens, QuoVadis provides the specialised skills, technologies, and facilities to help our clients recover their critical operations quickly.”

“The Bermuda Government has been immensely cooperative in facilitating the company licensing, immigration approvals, and customs declaration for Caymanian companies to set up their temporary offices here.  In addition, all fees collected by Government in this process have been immediately redirected to the Cayman relief effort,” he continued.

QuoVadis provides a full range of availability and continuity services to help customers plan for, and recover from, catastrophic events.  Services include professional services, secure hosting, backup and high availability systems, work area recovery facilities, systems recovery infrastructure, and crisis support.

Among QuoVadis’ clients is Queensgate Bank & Trust, which operated from the QuoVadis facility in Hamilton until its primary offices in Georgetown could be restored. 

According to Dennis Hunter, Managing Director of Queensgate, “With its unusual ferocity, Ivan knocked out business infrastructure across the Caribbean.  Within 48 hours, we were able to get our systems back online and to regroup our core team in the QuoVadis recovery facility.  This was essential for us to reassure our customers and continue the business that will be vital to rebuilding Cayman.  We are grateful for the quality support and goodwill that we have received in Bermuda.”