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QuoVadis Builds New Disaster Recovery Centre
7 Dec 2005

Computer security specialist QuoVadis is completing the construction of a new disaster recovery centre for its clients.  Located in a central Hamilton in Bermuda, the facility will provide secure workplace and support facilities for more than 140 executives designated by QuoVadis clients to coordinate response and recovery efforts for their businesses. 

According to CEO Roman Brunner, “QuoVadis continues to make significant investments to provide the disaster recovery technologies, services, and facilities for Bermuda to compete as a top tier business jurisdiction.  Events in the recent past – ranging from Fabian to power outages, combined with tougher audit and regulatory requirements – have driven home the need for companies to adequately plan for the availability and continuity of their operations in adverse conditions.”

With both classroom-style seating and private suites, the new QuoVadis facility provides onsite standby power (dual generators and UPS), highly resilient telecommunications, and 24 hour guard service.  Complementing its onsite computer rooms, the facility is linked to the QuoVadis SecureCentre facility on Pitts Bay, where many local companies maintain their “mission critical” computer systems.

QuoVadis recently made the news for its work in helping Bermuda companies continue their computer operations through the BELCO power outage.  The company has also successfully provided disaster recovery services for hurricane-stricken companies from the Cayman Islands. 

QuoVadis was founded in 1999, and now also has operations in Switzerland and New Zealand.  In 2005, KeyTech (also owner of BTC, M3 Wireless, and Logic) invested in a minority stake in the company.