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QuoVadis Expands Data Protection Services
6 Jul 2006

The QuoVadis Group, Bermuda’s IT security specialist, has expanded its DataVault remote backup services to meet the growing demands of Bermuda-based companies for business continuity services.

The DataVault service provides automated daily offsite backups to QuoVadis’ SecureCentre facility, along with web-based reporting of all backup activity, and 24-hour helpdesk support.  Data is securely stored according to customer’s retention schedules, and may be rapidly retrieved.

QuoVadis first launched DataVault in 2004, rapidly gaining a strong client list of local and exempt companies, with more than 9 terabytes of data under protection (a terabyte is a trillion bytes of data).  The service has proved its value to clients during major events, such as Hurricane Fabian and the Belco outage, as well as the more mundane daily challenges affecting business users, such as failed servers and lost files.

QuoVadis’ significant new investment takes advantage of new technologies, such as LTO3 tapes, which increase backup speeds and efficiency of storage.  In addition to allowing daily support of more customers, the new DataVault can be expanded to handle 40 terabytes of data.

According to Roman Brunner, CEO of the QuoVadis Group, “Companies need assurance that, on the day they need to recover backed up data, their information will be there.  Our DataVault solution provides the infrastructure, expert services, and monitoring to assure executives that their data will be available when and where they need it.”

As the only full service business continuity provider in Bermuda, along with DataVault, QuoVadis provides secure hosting, a variety of options for failover/standby systems, and resilient Work Area Recovery facilities in central Hamilton.  As the sophistication of clients’ needs has grown, QuoVadis has also added off-island options from its growing Swiss operations.