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QuoVadis Becomes Qualified CSP in the Netherlands
25 Aug 2008

Continuing its international growth, Bermuda-based QuoVadis has opened offices in the Netherlands and gained accreditation there as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP). The new QuoVadis subsidiary is based in Utrecht and led by Dutch IT services veteran Lex Samuel.

Founded in Bermuda in 1999, QuoVadis has grown overseas since accepting investments from local KeyTech and US-based private equity group ABRY Partners. QuoVadis CEO Roman Brunner recently relocated to oversee European operations, which include offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK. QuoVadis clients include SWITCH (technology provider to the Swiss university system), Liechtenstein Post, banking giants UBS and Credit Suisse, and Capita.

QuoVadis director Stephen Davidson said, “The success of online business methods, such as electronic invoicing, depends on upon the ability of users to rely upon identity and data integrity. QuoVadis’ multiple security accreditations provide that assurance in a way that satisfies even cross border transactions. ”

QuoVadis (www.quovadisglobal.com) already holds similar Qualified designations in Bermuda and Switzerland, as well as several important WebTrust certifications. The company intends to pursue additional accreditations to meet customer needs.

Mr. Davidson continued, “I suppose it’s rare for a company to get excited about audits but they are very important in our security industry. QuoVadis’ early work with Bermuda’s Electronic Transactions Act, which was among the first international laws dealing with this subject, provided an excellent basis for the company’s growth.”

As a CSP, QuoVadis issues digital certificates that may be used to identify users on the Internet, to create encryption for privacy, and to create electronic signatures. The Qualified status gives certain assurances and legal advantages under Dutch law to users of QuoVadis certificates.

QuoVadis' Dutch accreditation is based on a certification by the British Standards Institute (BSI) using the TTP.NL Scheme for Certification Authorities and the ETSI TS 101.456 standard for Qualified Certification Service Providers which is used across Europe. The certification requires an annual audit of QuoVadis.