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QuoVadis Wins Bermuda Innovation of the Year Award
13 May 2009

QuoVadis, an international provider of digital certificates, has won the Bermuda Government’s ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ award.

QuoVadis was recognised for its Trust/Link SSL solution, a web application that is used by large organisations to centrally manage the request, approval and renewal of SSL certificates for their online operations. SSL is seen as the “padlock” in most browsers, and is used to identify the owners of a website as well as to encrypt information as it passes over the Internet.

QuoVadis was founded as a commercial certification authority in Bermuda in 1999 and now serves a global client base. QuoVadis’ managed technologies are used to securely identify people and devices online, or to encrypt data for privacy, or to apply digital signatures to make transactions tamperproof and legally binding.

Trust/Link SSL allows companies requiring multiple SSL certificates to pre-validate frequently used settings, so that their authorised staff can issue SSL certificates on demand. Trust/Link SSL also allows customers to adapt custom workflows to suit their internal work practices and allow users to manage their SSL certificates from one secure website.

“With our rapidly growing SSL business, QuoVadis saw the opportunity to improve on existing ways to deliver digital certificates to diverse client environments, while reducing the costs of SSL for our customers,” said Stephen Davidson, head of service development at QuoVadis.

“With Trust/Link SSL, QuoVadis can rapidly deploy to both medium-sized businesses and more complex enterprises requiring thousands of SSL certificates annually. Developed with our customers, the system provides an array of options for customised interfaces, delegated administration, multiple authorisation, auditing and reports, and web services access,” continued Mr. Davidson

Despite its small size, Bermuda has a sophisticated technology community driven – in part – by its vibrant international business sector. The annual Technology Innovation Awards are given by Bermuda’s Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications & E-Commerce to local groups that “creatively use technology to innovate” in categories including: most inspiring teacher, most inspiring youth project , best interactive experience, best local web site, best use of technology in the environment, best customer service from a technology company, best business solution using technology, and the top category Innovator of the Year.