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QuoVadis Clients Prepare for Hurricane Bill
17 Aug 2009

Weather forecast models are predicting that Bermuda may face category 3 force winds on Saturday as Hurricane Bill passes the island.

QuoVadis is working with is business continuity and availability clients to confirm that their plans and provisions are up to date.

In the event of a severe storm, customers and interested companies may contact QuoVadis SecureCentre Support at +1-441-278-2815 or http://support.quovadisglobal.com.

QuoVadis services include work area recovery facilities, remote tape back up and offsite archive, high security hosting, and failover systems.

UPDATE:  QuoVadis systems and facilities performed unaffected by Hurricane Bill.  The island experienced minimal disruption from the passing storm.  Customers had tested their business continuity and availability provisions with QuoVadis in advance, and no invocations were declared.