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Disaster Recovery Preparations for Hurricane Gonzalo
15 Oct 2014

Forecasters predict that Bermuda will experience Hurricane Force winds associated with hurricane Gonzalo on Friday, October 17.  QuoVadis Services is prepared to provide disaster recovery, high availability hosting, remote backup, and work area recovery services.

In the event of an emergency, Authorized Representatives of QuoVadis customers may invoke their QuoVadis services by contacting our 24 hour emergency support desk.  Please contact the QuoVadis office at 278-2800 if you need to confirm your service options before the storm.

Emergency Support Information

  • Telephone: 278.2815 (or +1.651.229.3456)
  • Email: securecentre@quovadis.bm
  • Hours: 24 hour call centre coverage


Please be prepared to provide the following details when invoking QuoVadis disaster recovery services:

  • Name and company
  • Contact details (phone and email)
  • Clearly state the nature of your invocation

Note: Please use Emergency Support for invocations rather than direct contact with QuoVadis personnel. Emergency Support will alert the QuoVadis duty roster.

In the interests of safety, QuoVadis facilities will be closed to access from the onset of Tropical Storm winds until the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) or the equivalent Government authority has declared an all-clear.


Hurricane Gonzalo passed over Bermuda with winds exceeding 110 knots, causing significant damage and power outages in many residential areas of the island. QuoVadis' SecureCentre facility was staffed throughout the storm, and QuoVadis managed datacentre and cloud services functioned normally at all times through Gonzalo. QuoVadis continues to assist customers with disaster recovery and business continuity needs arising from the storm.