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QuoVadis SSL certificates are automatically trusted in most browsers and other software.

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Business SSL Certificates

QuoVadis Business SSL Certificates are intended for use in establishing secure data communication conduits via TLS/SSL protocols. The primary purposes of a Business SSL Certificate are to:

  • Identify the individual or entity that controls a website; and 
  • Facilitate the exchange of keys to enable encrypted communication.

Business SSL are “organisation validated” TLS/SSL certificates for which QuoVadis performs authentication and authorisation checks on the Subject listed in the certificate and the individuals involved in the certificate request.

Business SSL are issued in accordance with the “Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted Certificates” (BR) published by the CA/Browser Forum.


Wildcard certificates are allowed in Business SSL.  QuoVadis SSL include SAN fields that support multiple hosts and domain names for use in Unified Communications environments. 

In addition to fulfilling individual requests, QuoVadis provides Trust/Link Enterprise for organisations that wish to pre-approve domains for auto-enrollment by their Subscribers.

How to get a Business SSL Certificate:

    1. Submit a signed Certificate Request Form
    2. QuoVadis Support will validate the application and invite your technical contact to submit the CSR using our secure Trust/Link website
    3. Following approval, your technical contact will be informed to pick up the SSL from Trust/Link. They may also manage and renew the certificate in future from the same website.