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Remote Backup & Recovery

QuoVadis DataVault provides economical offsite backup and retrieval using Enterprise Class disk-to-disk and automated tape systems. Tailored to the needs of the Bermuda market, DataVault ensures that your data is backed-up securely and available for retrieval anytime.

How It Works
Your file system, raw partition, database and MS Exchange mailbox and message-level data are automatically and securely backed to the DataVault systems located in QuoVadis’ SecureCentre facility in Bermuda.

Backups occur daily at scheduled times and are monitored by the 24-hour NOC of QuoVadis’ service partner, Presilient, which manages similar backup operations worldwide. When a disruption occurs, both QuoVadis and the backup specialists at Presilient stand ready to assist in restoring your protected information to rapidly to meet your RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective).

Gridworks screenshotDataVault features real-time monitoring for clients using our secure GridWorks portal. GridWorks allows you to check the progress of backups, to view and restore backed up files, and to access historical performance and billing information. Automatic notifications provide you immediate status of service events. GridWorks’ tiered administrative policies allow you to control who may view reports or control backup and restore actions.

With DataVault, your data can be restored to any server any time and anywhere it is needed. Backups are retained on disk for two weeks for immediate restore, and are available within a short SLA window for older backups. The duration of offsite tape archive may be tailored to your needs.

Our data protection solutions take advantage of leading technologies to assure security at multiple levels, including: network security, server security, data security, facility security and operational security. We protect your data both in transit and within DataVault using VPN tunneling, encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection.

Features and Benefits

  • Service level agreement guarantees for full accountability. Fully managed backup system – no staffing or operational resources required.
  • Operated by QuoVadis in its Bermuda SecureCentre facility with 24x7 monitoring, management, and support by backup specialists at Presilient.
  • Secure daily off-site data protection with affordable long-term data archiving. Secondary systems at QuoVadis WAR facility provide additional resilience for restores.
  • Secure web portal for instant visibility into your backup and restore jobs and performance.
  • Highly scalable solution – allows for unlimited growth and managed capacity
  • Usage-based pricing with no capital costs make DataVault more cost effective than performing your own backup.
  • Security focus across backup platform, management systems, network connectivity, and business processes. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe from unauthorized access, modification, or corruption.