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Cloud Storage

QuoVadis’ on-demand Cloud Storage services provide customers with complete control over storage performance and protection levels of business critical data. QuoVadis is the first Bermuda provider to adopt all-SSD platforms to offer high performance and to provide guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) levels.  QuoVadis is Fueled by SolidFire.

QuoVadis Cloud Storage eliminates the need to invest in expensive storage and moves you to a predictable Opex cost model.  Additionally only pay for what you need to use.  There is no need to overprovision;  just pay for what you need today and grow as you need on demand.

Cloud Storage is available as part of the QuoVadis Cloud Hosting platform or as a standalone service.

Depending on your business and technical storage needs QuoVadis has multiple solutions to host and protect your data including production storage hosting, disaster recovery data replication services, and file level managed backup services. 

In addition to Bermuda, QuoVadis global disaster recovery and data replication services are also available in alternative onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce Storage Costs – Move to Opex cost model and only provision the data you need.
  • Elasticity – Grow your data on demand, rapidly scalable.
  • Data Governance – Know where you data is, specify your exact performance requirements (IOPS guarantee) and specify your data replication and backup policies.
  • Guaranteed High Performance – Host your data on the world’s fastest 100% SSD platform with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) levels.
  • Jurisdiction – Keep your data within the jurisdiction of Bermuda in a tier-3 designed data centre. If you need to replicate globally – know exactly where your data will be hosted.
  • Experience – With QuoVadis' long-standing involvement in managed datacentres and virtualisation in Bermuda, our high speed, high availability, and high performance network storage solution can help resolve many of your storage and budgetary issues.