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SecureCentre Facilities

QuoVadis operates the following technical facilities in Hamilton, Bermuda as well as additional hosting infrastructure in the Netherlands and Switzerland.  


SecureCentre City

SecureCentre City is Bermuda’s newest and most sophisticated datacentre, home to QuoVadis‘ managed hosting, colocation, and cloud services operations.


  • Purpose-built steel and composite compartment located in upper floor of office complex 
  •  Designed to Tier III standards with N+1 redundancy on core infrastructure 
  •  48” deep racks suited to high density servers, able to accommodate power requirements of 20 KVA+ per rack. Individually locked racks proximity card access control 
  • Highly efficient design with flexible power and cooling suited to newer high performance IT infrastructure

Power & Utilities

  • APC InfraStruXure in-row cooling designed for N+1 high availability, hot aisle containment system. Dual rack PDUs with all receptacles switchable and manageable
  • Dual 1.2 MW power feeds via fault tolerant Belco design
  • Onsite 800KW power generation, 7 day fuel supply
  • Dual APC modular 500 KVA UPS systems to each rack 
  • Total flexibility for connectivity to all Bermuda carriers
  • Roof based access for wireless


  • APC InfraStruXure Manager including Netbotz monitoring of all racks (power, access, temperature)


  • 24 hour access, unescorted 
  • Biometric access controls to datacentre, with extensive alarm and logging systems 
  • CCTV surveillance of all racks

Work Area Recovery (WAR) Centre

  • Centrally located in Hamilton, close to essential services. In a common carrier grade facility, named as a strategic point for civil protection. 
  •  Private suites or classroom-style seating, with bathrooms
  • Onsite generators 
  • Onsite hosting, as well as connectivity to QuoVadis SecureCentres