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Private Cloud

With our long experience in providing “infrastructure on demand” services in Bermuda, QuoVadis understands that flexibility is central to our cloud hosting services.

In addition to our shared public cloud computing solutions, we offer versatile options to deploy private clouds and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

A QuoVadis private cloud provides dedicated resources and allows more extensive control of resource management. In addition, a QuoVadis private cloud is well suited for environments that must undergo audit or certification for compliance with external/regulatory standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Setting up a private cloud is easy taking advantage of the QuoVadis “Infrastructure on Demand” cloud platform.
  • Combines control with the high availability and high performance available through QuoVadis investments in secure datacentre facilities and cloud computing platforms.
  • QuoVadis provides flexible options ranging from dedicated hypervisor on shared infrastructure through to fully dedicated compute and storage infrastructure.
  • Can be customised to incorporate your own collocated IT in the QuoVadis SecureCentre or hybrid cloud scenarios with QuoVadis public cloud resources.

For critical business systems or regulated industries, you can benefit from the increased control and power of a private cloud hosting solution on the QuoVadis “Infrastructure on Demand” cloud platform.

With QuoVadis' proven scale and security heritage, you can be confident that your private cloud is protected and will comfortably grow with your business.